Tricolor Rhythms CD Collection

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The album comprises 12 remixes of hit songs produced by Sharm Holding through the years 2006-2012. The CD is released to mark the 23rd anniversary of Sharm Holding.

12.99 $

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1. Hayastane Du Es (Dale & Hayk Manucharyan Lounge Mix)
2. Inga and Anush – Hay Hay (Danny & Dale Remix)
3. Reincarnation – Qani Vur Jan Im (Danny & Dale Remix)
4. Mer Anunn E Haykakan Banak (G. IL.V. Remix)
5. Karmir, Kapuyt, Tsiranaguyn (G. IL.V. Remix)
6. Araj Hayastan (G. IL.V. Remix)
7. Inga & Anush – Jan Jan (Phantom & Dale Electro Mix)
8. Inga & Anush – Menq Enq Mer Sarere (Dale and Phantom Remix)
9. Hayastane Du Es (Dale and Toptoon Remix)
10. Reincarnation – Eli Lav A (Dale and Phantom Remix)
11. Inga & Anush – Jan Jan (Dake and Phantom Soulful Remix)
12. Inga & Anush – Menq Enq Mer Sarere (A.Chilla Remix)


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