Love Bridge Musical

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The collection includes: CD with soundtracks DVD with the performance

12.99 $

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“Love Bridge” is a story about contemporary youth – young men and women of various tempers and personalities, who all have their dreams and whose ambitions make them struggle for the victory. The principal character is a musician who obtains a chance to participate in an international music festival. He becomes obsessed with the dream of victory, while the occasionally born love serves a purpose for the struggle. On his way of dream realization the young man faces injustice of life and feels disappointed; however, he meets a vagabond bard, who transfers the hero the genius of music of Sayat-Nova….

The leitmotiv of the musical is a kind of a “bridge” between the past and the present. It introduces the melodies full of Sayat-Nova’s love into our contemporary world of music.

Live singing, brilliantly staged dances and impressive state-of-the-art video and audio effects make it possible to express a range of emotions, such as love, intrigue, disappointment, triumph…


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