Four Buddies and the Bride / Հյուսիս-Հարավ

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Language: Armenian
Genre: Comedy / Adventure
Screenplay by: Ashot Abrahamyan
Directed by: David Babakhanyan
Director of Photography Vazgen Muradyan
Cast: Diana Malenko, David Tovmasyan, HT Hayko (Hayk Margaryan), Misho (Michael Abrahamyan), Sos Janibekyan, Mkrtich Arzumanyan, Sona Shahgeldyan, Artur Karapetyan, Marjan Avetisyan, Eva Khachatryan.
Producers: Arman Mitoyan, Lilit Martirosyan
General producer: Karen Ghazaryan
Release year: 2015

8.99 $

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Story Line:

Receiving a professional order from oligarch Lambert Khachaturovich, the junior research officer Nver makes up his mind to seize the occasion and use the luxurious country house of the client to organize a party for his friends. The result of the guests’ excessive activity is a broken statue of Lambert Khachaturovich’s father. Considering the host’s worshiping attitude to his father’s memory, the friends can easily envisage Nver’s fate…

The young men contrive a “salvation plan”, but as the saying goes, instead of settling the matter, they make it even worse. Now they not only have to pay for the broken statue, but also organize a magnificent wedding party, the pre-payment of which is already gone, while the groom is out of the game.


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