As Long As I Live / Քանի դեռ կամ

10.99 $

Idea of: Rafael Hovhannisyan
Authors of the Project: Armen Hagopjanyan, Karo Kirakosyan, Ruben Jaghinyan
Directed by: Michael Dovlatyan
Story by: Hakob Rubinyan
Narrated by: Hrant Tokhatyan
Executive Producer: Artyom Shamamyan
Producer: Karen Ghazaryan
Release Year: 2000

10.99 $

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Story Line:

No matter how do children trouble or even hurt their parents, the latter still forgive their offspring. Unfortunately, we often appreciate the true greatness and worth of our parents, only being far from them or having lost them. “As long as I live” is a documentary about Yerevan, starring a Voice. This is the Voice of the heart of an ancient city, which has gone through the times and lives today. This is about the relationship between people, stories that are so familiar and sincere, that will find a response in each of us.


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