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Directed: David Sahakyants, Lyulya Sahakyants
Story: Naira Sahakyants, Lyulya Sahakyants, David Sahakyants
Dialogs: Vahram Sahakyan, Levon Galstyan
Production Designer: Ernest Muradyan
Composer: Armen Martirosyan
Producers: Karen Kazaryan, Hayk Sahakyants, David Sahakyants
Creative Producer: Vahan Hovhannisyan
General Producer: Ruben Jaghinyan
Release Year: 2014

10.99 $

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Story Line:

“Anahit” is an animation screening of a homonymous fairy tale by Gazaros Aghayan. The film is a traditional cartoon combined with 3D computer graphics.

The leading idea of the fairy tale is kept: a skillful beauty Anahit teaches the king Vachagan Armenian traditional handicrafts – handweaving. Eventually, a wise king should not only reign, but also be able to make handicrafts, build and create, as well as love.

As any other folk tale “Ahahit” is based on the eternal struggle of good and evil. Here the evil ones are Azar, Vachagan’s uncle and his servant Enver. Among the heroes there is a mad and vulnerable magician Petros, a horse Andok born from a magical spring, a faithful dog Zangi, as well as mentors of the protagonists: quaint Shushan and guru Serob.

All dialogues are in verse. “Anahit” fairytale is a family film.


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