A Millionaire Wanted / Պահանջվում է միլիոնատեր

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Genre: Romantic Comedy
Screenplay by: Ashot Abrahamyan, David Babakhanyan, Ruben Jaghinyan
Directed by: David Babakhanyan
Cast: Hovhannes Azoyan, Misho, Ani Yeranyian, Ani Petrosyian, Naira Movsisyan, Siranush Lazyan, Serge Avedikian and others.
General Producer: Ruben Jaghinyan
Executive Producer: Armen Hambardzumyan
Release Year: 2010


8.99 $

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Story Line:

The hero Tigran, a floral designer lives in Yerevan. He is a “classy” loser. All his attempts to find a girl to date with are doomed to failure. His friend Emil makes everything to help Tigran improve his private life and even incites him to resort to black magic. The guys don’t even imagine what it can result in…

By a quirk of fate another Tigran, the son of a billionaire from Moscow arrives to Yerevan. With a hope to find a true love he decides to conceal his identity and behave like a common guy. Though three ladies living in Yerevan got known about the purpose of his visit decided not to miss a chance to make a good deal and marry a rich heir. An unbelievable concourse of circumstances makes these guys “switch places”… Overcoming numerous twists and turns of live and having gone through incredible adventures, the heroes come to a simple and proper conclusion – the pure and sincere love can make miracles!


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