About Sharm Holding

Sharm Holding LLC

The company itself was established in 1991 and is occupying a leading position in the industry ever since. Our diverse list of activities includes: production and post-production services of various scales and formats, placement of TV commercials, TV programs, concerts organization, PR campaigns, presentations, show programs and much more.

We specialize in various areas of the entertainment industry, such as TV channel promotions, live streaming of events, branding and re-branding, organization of shows, production of documentaries of various genre, animation, feature films and TV programs, editing of popular magazines, transmission and re-transmission of radio stations – all this, mentions just some of our projects.

SharmStore is the official online store of Sharm Holding LLC.

With the introduction of SharmStore, we hope to spread quality Armenian content as much as possible, making it available to the global audience worldwide. Ever thought of having the option of getting your most favorite Armenian artist works delivered at your doorstep? Well now we provide you this great opportunity.

Sharm Store is a relatively new but swiftly developing online sales platform where the users from all over the world can purchase the company’s multigenre audio and video production. It features a user-friendly platform with a wide variety of products, including CDs, DVDs, souvenirs, play cards, etc. The large collection of albums features jazz and folk collections, works of popular Armenian and world famous artists that can be purchased in just a few clicks. Film enthusiasts will definitely find something to their taste: drama, comedy, documentary, animation, musicals, and all available from anywhere over the globe. Most importantly, many of the films are available with English and Russian subtitles, so language barriers are off. For any questions and suggestions you are welcome to use our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Sharm Store Easy to buy, long to enjoy!